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Bea Blakeman

“Listing all saddle, bridle and bit fitters under one directory just makes sense and helps clients to find their qualified professionals”

- read Listed Equine Fitter testimonials

The Benefits

  • For the first time, those seeking an Equine Fitter of a saddle, bit, bridle, or harness have access to an independent and verified list of professionals who may be trusted to hold stated credentials and to meet insurance, Code of Conduct, and ongoing training requirements. The Directory is a purpose-built platform designed to showcase those Equine Fitters who meet the eligibility criteria for listing set by the Equine Fitters Council. Application is straightforward and online, and the listing fee is fair and affordable.

High standards

  • Impartial regulation
  • Horse welfare focus
  • Complaints process

Effective promotion

  • Dedicated Listing page
  • Validated listing
  • EFD Kitemark

Working together

  • Filtered search
  • Educated clients
  • Paraprofessional team

Code of Conduct

Professional competence

Equine fitters must prioritise the health and welfare of the horse and the safety of the rider. They must ensure the service they provide is appropriate and adequate.

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Honesty and integrity

Equine fitters must be open and honest with clients and respect their needs and circumstances. They must always explain to the client the basis for any fitting decision they make.

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Independence and impartiality

An Equine fitter must exercise personal and independent judgement. They must provide independent and impartial advice and inform a client of any conflict of interest or commercial arrangement which would limit their freedom to provide such advice impartially.

Code of Conduct

Category Descriptions

qualified fitter

  • A qualified fitter practices as an Equine Fitter and holds a vocational certification accredited by a nationally recognised body, or has practiced as an Equine Fitter for not less than 5 years prior to 1st April 2023 and can provide evidence acceptable to the Registrar acting on behalf of the EFC.


  • A fitter practices as an Equine Fitter and may specialise in specific brands or offer fitting services alongside another occupation.

in-training fitter

  • An in-training fitter is actively enrolled on a vocational course that meets the criteria for ‘QUALIFIED FITTER’. Progress must be within expected parameters, and, if not, the practitioner will be listed as ‘FITTER’.

Fill out the application
to become a listed fitter

Standards of equine fitting are paramount to the Equine Fitters Council. We want every eligible fitter to be successful in their application - if you are unsure about any element, please contact us. Every application is processed and validated by the Registrar to the Council.

Listing runs from April 1st to March 31st.
Annual fee: £47.50
(Full fee of £95 with 50% discount)

Application is all online and should take 5-10 minutes.

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ALL Equine Fitters listed in our Directory are aligned with the EFC Vision which advances professional practice within the industry. They are accountable members of the equestrian professional team, with a commitment to provide exceptional care to horse and human. ALL Listed Equine Fitters hold insurance, pursue ongoing learning, and abide by our Code of Conduct and Professional Practice.

Listing criteria:

The EFC Directory only accepts Equine Fitters who:

  • Abide by the Code of Conduct and Professional Practice
  • Have in place appropriate insurance including Public Liability
  • Have no unresolved complaints held against them and have not had a complaint against them upheld by the Council within the past 2 years
  • Provide proof of qualifications where appropriate
  • Provide proof of active professional fitting services at least 5 years before the beginning of a listing year (listing runs from April to March).
  • Provide proof of membership of a representative body where appropriate
  • Provide proof of enrolment upon a vocational course where appropriate
  • Commit to complete a minimum of 12 hours of continued professional development per year and maintain an accurate and reflective record of CPD activities
  • Have paid the Listing Fee


Criteria for Harness Fitters

A harness fitter must be knowledgeable and capable of fitting harness and the driving bit and bridle.

As there are to date no harness fitting qualifications, a harness fitter listed on the Directory may be qualified only by experience and must provide proof that they have professionally fitted harness (including the driving bit and bridle) for at least 5 years  before the beginning of a listing year (listing runs from April to March).

Continued Professional Development

Every Listed Equine Fitter is required to complete a minimum of 12 hours of continued professional development (CPD )per year. Listed Equine Fitters must submit a full and accurate CPD record when asked during an annual and random CPD audit of not less than 5% of Listed Equine Fitters.

CPD Guide
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