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Training providers deliver a valuable service to the fitting sector by producing properly trained individuals whose practice is sufficiently developed. Professional service increases confidence not only in an individual Equine Fitter, but in the whole sector. This, in turn, drives demand for a service that is central to ridden and working horse welfare.

An effective training provider must have an overriding commitment to the welfare, safety, and comfort of the horse and rider or driver. They must adhere to, or exceed, minimum standards of practice. Training providers must have in place suitable quality assurance policies and procedures. Tutors, assessors, and quality assurers should hold the relevant qualifications suitable for those roles.

Code of Conduct

Knowledge and experience

Trainers are expected to understand the principles of equine fitting, demonstrating knowledge of theory and practice. They should have practiced as an equine fitter for at least 5 years.

EFC Training Provider Code of Practice

Code of Conduct

Continued learning

Trainers must ensure and evidence that their knowledge and professional development is kept up to date by undertaking relevant CPD.

EFC Training Provider Code of Practice

Code of Conduct

Fair treatment

Trainers must ensure all learners are treated fairly and without discrimination, with equality of access to training.

EFC Training Provider Code of Practice

Category Descriptions

An independent vocational course leads to an accredited qualification by a nationally recognised awarding or accrediting body. It is comprehensive and taught over a significant period using both practical and theoretical methods. Graduates operate independently of the training provider or associated brands or businesses.

Brand Training is specialist training usually carried out over a shorter period and which prepares an Equine Fitter to supply and fit a limited range of products in line with brand requirements. Equine Fitters holding brand training certification may be independent or may operate as Brand Fitters.

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£250 with 50% discount for 2023 listing:
£125 annual fee

A Bridle Fitter setting up a bridle for a bay pony

Listed Equine Fitters Directory Training Provider

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Benefits of Listing

The Directory is a comprehensive resource for equine professionals, businesses, riders, and horse owners. For the first time, those seeking information about vocational training courses, brand training, or ongoing learning have access to an independent and verified list of training providers.

The Directory is a purpose-built platform designed to showcase those Training Providers who meet the eligibility criteria for listing set by the Equine Fitters Council. The application and payment process is straightforward and online.

Demonstrate excellence:

  • Vocational training
  • High-quality tuition
  • Effective curriculum

Effective promotion

  • Purpose built site
  • Validated listing
  • Showcase courses

Building a team

  • Engaged audience
  • Grow your profile
  • Inform paraprofessionals

Listing criteria

The EFC Directory only accepts Training Providers who:

  • Abide by the Code of Practice
  • Have in place appropriate insurances
  • Make freely available Standards of Service which forms a contract with learners.
  • Do not have upheld complaints against them, and have not within the past 2 years
  • Inform the Registrar in good time of relevant changes to their business, courses, awards, or relationship with learners
  • Provide training aligned with the Equine Fitters Council Occupational Standards
  • Have in place a complaints procedure that meets EFC standards for:
    • Students or graduates
    • Those using the services of a student or graduate, where applicable
  • Inform the Registrar in good time of upheld complaints against associated Fitters
  • Have provided all information requested on application
  • Have paid the Listing Fee.


Apply to become a Listed Training Provider