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Equestrian Professionals

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Equestrian professionals share a common goal of enhancing and maintaining outcomes for both horses and humans. The complex nature of horse-human partnerships means that each element is connected and impacts the overall outcome.

The Directory provides clear and correct information to equestrian professionals seeking the expertise of an equestrian fitter, or to understand course curriculum.

Course information
A physiotherapist with their hands on a chestnut horse

Effective teamwork

The fit of saddlery and lorinery affects horse movement, development, and behaviour and is an important factor for professionals such as musculoskeletal practitioners, coaches, and trainers. Likewise, these and other elements influence fit and the selection of equipment by the equine fitter. The right team will bring together the skills and experience needed to achieve positive and lasting results.

Working with an Equine Fitter

A professional Equine Fitter brings value to the horse-human team: they follow strict protocol, work first for the horse and human and not for personal gain, effectively communicate and record findings, bring years of experience, and embrace learning.

Working together, the horse-human care team can bring a diverse range of perspectives and expertise to support recovery or development. The distinct protocols and skill sets contribute to sustainable and positive change.

The Equine Fitters Directory is a comprehensive resource for equine professionals, businesses, and those who ride or drive.

Equine Fitter Code of Conduct
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