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Equality and diversity


Policy Statement

Essential to its aim of securing the voluntary regulation of all those who provide equine fitting services the Equine Fitters Council challenges inequality and unjustified discrimination. Equality of opportunity and treatment applies to all stakeholders in the Council and the Equine Fitters Directory including:

  • Members of the Council
  • Employees and volunteers of the Council
  • Service providers to the Council
  • Those listed and applicants for listing in the Directory
  • Users of the Directory and the general public

Specifically, in striving toward equality and diversity, the Equine Fitters Council will:

  • Meet the statutory obligations of the Equality Act 2010 regarding: age, disability, sex, gender reassignment, race, religion and belief, sexual orientation, pregnancy and maternity and will endeavour to provide the highest level of service possible within the resources it has available.
  • Ensure that its services are suitable and sensitive to the needs of all people desirous of accessing them.
  • Cultivate an environment that values difference and where freedom of speech, using appropriately inclusive language, is encouraged.
  • Ensure that recruitment, selection and promotion is transparent, merit-based, fair and carried out on the basis of equal opportunity.
  • Ensure that all applications for inclusion in the Equine Fitters Directory are treated fairly with admission granted solely upon correct insurance being held, agreement to abide by the Code of Conduct, a commitment to continued learning, and payment of the advertised fee.
  • Ensure that relevant stakeholders are aware of the Equine Fitters Council’s insistence on equality of service delivery and the requirement that they provide a corresponding standard of service.
  • Ensure that all complaints, either internal or external, are handled fairly and sensitively within a climate where people are comfortable in raising issues concerning unfairness, exclusion, harassment or discrimination, without fear of recrimination or victimization.