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Viewing the site

Our website is compatible with a wide range of screen sizes, and text throughout the site can be resized to suit every individual’s needs. Screen reading technology is also supported through skip links, accessible names on visible links, as well as buttons and alt attributes on images. Headings are also ordered in descending order.

Visually, our website has been designed with accessibility in mind from the beginning. Background and foreground colours have a high contrast ratio.
You can change settings using your web browser. Browser zooming is enabled on all devices

Conforming to web standards

To build our website, we have adhered to accessibility best practices laid out by Bootstrap. This means our HTML markup is based on the Bootstrap framework and follows WCAG 2.1 guidelines, using ARIA attributes, logical structural markup, and visually hidden interactive controls. If you’d like to learn more about Bootstrap, click here.

HTML is constructed with semantics in mind and is tested with Google Chrome’s “Lighthouse” tool during development. At the time of writing the accessibility rating in Lighthouse scores 100% based on an internal service page.


Any observed failure of compliance or request for information and content should be addressed to