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Zsuzsu Illes
ReBalance Expert



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1491 Tanglewood Drive, Tanglewood Acres, Placerville, California, 95667

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Company description

My saddle fitting focus is on Whole Horse, Whole Rider balance and interaction.
*Each practical saddle fitting appointment brings in:
*Horse’s conformation and movement in all gaits
*Locomotion abnormalities
*Anatomy assessment and body palpation
*Anatomical posture influenced by a crooked rider, hoof imbalance, pain
*Physical evidence of an ill fitting saddle
*Mental evidence of an ill fitting saddle
*Training problems caused by an ill fitting saddle
*When to refer to a vet, chiro or physio
*Nutrition basics
*Back templates
*Saddle assessment, safety check & fault identification
*Discussion on existing training methods, muscle function
*Discussion on conformation and hoof abnormalities and the consequences for saddle fitting
*Discussion on the fitted balance of a saddle; the suitability of a saddle for that horse/rider
*Discussion on when and how to use therapeutical pads
*Discussion on the influence of the rider on saddle fit.

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  • MSFC BV – 2014